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Delivering Information Solutions with honor, service, and commitment in support of missions that serve our nation and honor our veterans.



Reasonable, Useful, Logical, and Effective

Enhanced Veterans Solutions Inc. (EVS) is Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that develops, implements and operates secure and efficient information and technology solutions. Our ultimate objective is to equip our service men and women, and our dedicated civil servants, with the information they need, when they need it, to make timely and effective decisions that protect and serve the United States of America. We distinguish ourselves in the pursuit of this mission via the adoption and tangible application of core values that mirror those of our nation’s most selfless leaders and servants—our Veterans. In this way, you will recognize and benefit from the Honor, Service, and Commitment the EVS Team brings to every client engagement.

Executive Team

EVS Executive Team.

A reputation for honesty, working towards the common goal under the EVS Rule.


Mark E. Whitty, 

CEO & President

As the CEO of Enhanced Veteran Solutions, Inc. (EVS), Mr. Whitty brings more than 40 years of experience developing, implementing, operating, and leading large information and technology programs for government and industry. 

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Kathleen M. Sprague,

Corporate Comptroller

Ms. Sprague is an accounting professional with over 15 years of experience specializing in government contracting.  

Mission, Vision & Values

EVS Mission, Vision & Values

Demonstrating Honor, Service and Commitment in all that we do.

The mission of EVS is to serve our country through the efficient development and operation of secure information and technology solutions. Our ultimate vision is a world where our Service Men and Women, and our dedicated civil servants, have secure and reliable access to the information they need, when they need it, to most effectively serve our country.


EVS fulfills this mission and pursues this vision via the design, development, operations, and management of secure and reliable information management and technology solutions. And, we distinguish ourselves not only in the quality of services that we provide, but also the way we provide them—demonstrating Honor, Service and Commitment in all that we do.

EVS Honor

Like our Veterans, EVS employees demonstrate ‘Honor’ via an unwavering commitment to honesty and ethics. We accept accountability and take initiative to meet mission objectives. Similarly, we honor our clients and colleagues by not just accepting, but embracing, diversity of thought and ideas. And we strive to match the highest standards of personal integrity as demonstrated by Service Men and Women. In summary, you will recognize an EVS employee by the following behaviors:

  • Honor an uncompromising code of honesty, ethics, and personal integrity

  • Honor accountability, assuming responsibility to solve problems

  • Honor diversity of culture, thoughts, and perspective

  • Honor our Veterans

EVS Service

Like our Veterans, EVS employees embrace the opportunity to serve our client and colleagues. We humbly sacrifice personal interests to serve a collective purpose. At the same time, we embrace and manage the tension of work-life balance, promoting the value of service to the self and family.  We pursue healthy mind, body, and spirit ensuring we are at our best in service to our client and our communities.  In summary, you will recognize an EVS employee by the following behaviors:

  • Embrace an organizational model of servant leadership

  • Sacrifice personal interest for the greater good of clients and colleagues

    Promote well-being of self and family to be our best in service to others

    Serve our communities; recognizing our good fortune

EVS Commitment

Like our Veterans, EVS employees are committed to deliver value and excellence in all that we do. We embrace a culture of technical excellence, sharing knowledge openly and freely. We speak up as consultants standing up for what we believe to be the best solution. And we vet all decisions and solutions through the EVS RULE – ensuring each is Reasonable, Useful, Logical and Effective. In summary, you will recognize an EVS employee by the following behaviors:

  • Commit to the mission results of our clients

  • Commit to technical excellence and continuous professional development

  • Commit to speaking up and sharing knowledge

  • Commit to deliver value, adhering to the ‘Golden RULE’

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